5 Anime For People Who Aren't “Big Fans,” But Their Friends Tell Them Otherwise

5 Anime For People Who Aren't “Big Fans,” But Their Friends Tell Them Otherwise

We’ve all been there before, you might start off with any clip that includes Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, or maybe you like the debauchery and character studies done in Devilman Crybaby. Your friend’s initial reaction can only really be met with a contorted disgust/confusion as you constantly tell them you’re “getting to the good part.” But, are you really the weird one? Or is everyone else just telling you that you’re actually getting deeper into anime than you might really think? We’re going to cover some anime that, you might enjoy every single episode of, but have everyone else thinking you’re in too deep for rescue.

#5. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

If we’re being completely honest here, this show bangs. Roxy, of course, is best girl, but the main protagonist of the story, Rudeus, is where the show draws the most controversy. I am still unsure outside of the fantastic artstyle, animation and plot development, whether I can say this anime is SFW, to put it bluntly. Showing a couple of episodes off where Rudeus is being an absolute degenerate pervert to your friends would probably be met with, understandable, disgust. But of course, this anime is much more than that. More than just the allure of being “the blueprint for isekai,” the show is packed with lovable characters, a pulsating plot that really drives the story forward in an enjoyable way, and of course, has Roxy.

#4. Kakegurui

Listen, by this point, most people already know that Japanese people are bit weird. But, what if I told you that they were “come dangerously close to sexual pleasure from the prospect of statistics in gambling” kind of weird. Well, that’s essentially what Kakegurui is, and fans of Kakegurui already know what they’re signing up for. But, aside from its intense allure of drama, betrayal, and an exploration of the human psyche when exposed to risk, it sure is sexy. Some people might not be into that. But, no matter how many times you tell them that not every scene is intensely sexual, they’ll still tell you: “Listen man, I got porn for that.” 

#3. Made In Abyss

I want to make it absolutely clear that being on this list does not demerit the anime in any way. Some people may not like it, some people may like it, others might love it. Just because your friends may not agree with your own opinions, does not mean you should love a show on this list any less. I say this, because Made in Abyss, is an absolutely fantastic anime. From its gorgeously directed visual style, God-like orchestral original soundtrack, and quirky yet lovable main protagonists, there is much to love about the show. But, still, in the end, not a lot of people are as excited to see children experience trauma and pain and some scenes may turn people away from heartbreak (I’m looking at you, Mitty.) Regardless, while your friends may tell you that “it looked really pretty,” they’ll probably never continue the show after the initial Netflix binge at your house.

#2. Ping Pong: the Animation

For those that have finished this series in its entirety, and was emboldened, not put away, from the unique art-style, I applaud you. What a wonderful character study done to character who are driven by ambition, goals and their own sense of virtues in life. Adding on to that, the art-style may be a turn-off for some, but while it may look messy and unrefined, there is a sense of beauty in the way speed and motion is depicted in the show. Which is why it made it onto this list today, an underrated gem that while some people may thoroughly enjoy, others are far more likely to never give it a chance. 

#1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Some people just want to see the world burn. The nihilistic nature and psychological nature of this cult classic hits hard for many fans who have either suffered through the same traumas as either Shinji or Asuka, or needed something to escape to from time to time. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a global phenomenon that hit just the right notes at just the right time, especially given the anxiety-ridden and depressive culture that most Western & Eastern nations are currently exploring. With that being said, your friends will probably tell you that Shinji just “needs to get in the damn robot.” Which is, fair. But, you know the nuance and lessons of life that, alongside one of the most memorable cast of characters for animes in the 90’s, are showcased in every episode. 


In the end, does it really matter if your favorite shows are considered a bit “off” by those around you? If you enjoy it, you enjoy it. But if any of these animes strike as you as something that you’d be a big fan of, then maybe, just maybe, you may be into anime a lot more than you initially thought.

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